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Welcome to the new Home of Clan McSetana. We are a small, but growing group of Celts in North Texas. We qre trying to live by the old Brehon laws of the Celts and fit them to the modern world. No, we do not want to live in huts and avoid all modern conviences.

We chose our clan name because of personal relations with Goddesses that had and influence on or were involved with Cu Cuchllain

We are pre-christian. We follow the old Gods and Goddesses. We will not convert. We will not change. We will not be destroyed by internal fighting.

The internecine warfare that destroyed the ancient Celt culture will be avoided. We support the Fianna as it is currently established in North America. For more information, follow the links below.

As we grow in knowledge and skill, we are better able to establish the life style we desire. We function as bards, healers and soem are warriors. We wish to pass to our children and their children a better place than we received. Nine Blessings



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