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Aonaibh Re Cheile


Welcome to the unofficial home of the Red River Branch of Clan Cameron.

We serve six states. They are Texas, Oklahoma, Lousiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Missouri. We started in 1993 as a chapter of the Stone Mountain Branch. In less than 4 years, we were big enough to become a branch.

Clan Cameron resulted from the marriage of the MacMartin of Letterfinney heiress and the Cameron Chief. Thru diplomatic moves and a strong right arm, three more families were added to the confederation.

The tartan shown here is the Erracht tartan. This is the "civilianized" version of the military tartan. The Erracht tartan was devised for the 79th Cameron Highlanders. It is not a recognized clan tartan.

The regiment was formed by Alan Cameron at the request of the King.

If you have any questions about the Red River Branch, e-mail me.

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